Custom Wallcovering by InnSpace and Elizabeth Michelsen

Glacier Park Lodge Custom Wallcovering

Each project presents new opportunities for us to spread our creative wings. Glacier Park Lodge is one of these projects. As we have wrapped up the initial concept room phase at the historic lodge in East Glacier, we’ve reflected on the project’s unique, fun, and custom aspects, but one, in particular, stands out.

We’re incredibly thrilled about the custom and original wallcovering designed and developed specifically for the historic hotel. Inspired by the late William Morris and our local flora and fauna, this project resulted from collaboration with our design team and local artist, Elizabeth Michaelson. 

It all started with an initial vision. Then, with the creation of this one-of-a-kind wallcovering, inspired color selection, visuals, a planned out sketch for a repeating pattern, an original painting, photographing that painting, and then piecing together the seamless pattern, we sent it off for printing and installation with Chance from Wrap Hive, the final product more than met our expectations.

To see this wallcovering in person, visit Glacier Park Lodge in the Summer of 2021.

From the Artist | Elizabeth Michelsen


Original Art by Elizabeth Michelsen
InnSpace / Glacier Park Lodge Project

“ALPENBLOOM is a design inspired by the historic lodges of the European alps and the captivating delicacy of the high mountain flowers in the meadows and forests of Glacier National Park. The hills truly come alive with bold strokes of color as the deep snows recede and the long hours of the sun take hold.

I sketched and painted these graceful rhythms of branch, stem, leaf, and blossom to celebrate not only our state flower, the ‘Bitterroot’ but to showcase some lesser-known and perhaps even ‘common’ flowers that grace our alpine paths. The ‘wood violet,’ humble but ever-sweet; the exotic looking ‘pasque flower,’ the fragrant ‘wild rose’…the ‘shooting star’ resembling fireworks, and the glorious sunflower-like ‘blanket flower’ color the design; with the snowberry’ entwining through it all, as it very much does in the hills and dales of this beautiful region.

The flowers of Glacier National Park are diverse, abundant, and splendidly beautiful. Some are few and rare; some are innumerable and indomitable, reflecting the spirit of this place, this ‘crown of the continent.’

Come for the view, for the lodge, for the trail, and stay for the flowers.”