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Ambiance is vital when it comes to designing interior spaces. When entering an area, not a lot of people will immediately look at light fixtures and think, oh wow, that tint of light is perfect for this space, and how about those lumens? Our designers and our procurement specialist make their selections intentionally and purposefully so that when you walk into a completed space, you already feel the ambiance you’re supposed to feel. 


When it comes to lighting an office, hotel room, restaurant, or any public space with specific functionality, InnSpace can steer you in the right direction. 

With the most recent local renovation project at the Holiday Inn Express in Kalispell, our team wanted to make sure that everything was brighter yet calm, moving from an almost farmhouse style to a contemporary and timeless look that won’t become obsolete in a short period of time.


Bathroom Lighting - BEFORE


Bathroom Lighting - AFTER

The Holiday Inn Express was also specific right off the bat about the light output they wanted in the guest bathrooms. With this in mind we had to pay close attention to lumen output and color rendering so that we could maximize both requirements in the fixture.

Here is a before and after shot of the same double queen guest room showing the difference in light. Of course, other factors come into play, like wall coverings and drapery, but our designers achieved their goal by making the double-queen space appear larger and brighter.


Double Queen Guestroom - BEFORE


Double Queen Guestroom - AFTER

Another intentional lighting design at the Holiday Inn Express is in the lobby.  During daylight hours there is already quite a bit of natural light. But then, as the day turns to night, the Edison bulbs of the chandelier create a romantic and warm atmosphere. The intent is to create a welcoming and comfortable place to sit and chill. You wouldn’t want to walk into a hotel after a long day of traveling and feel like you’re under the interrogation lights, or that the space is lit to land a jet.

“Lighting can create an emotional response based on the hue or tint it gives off. We closely look at the light temperature (color the bulb gives off) for every space so that we are helping to achieve the correct feeling of the room that is influenced upon the guest.”

Nihcole K. | Procurement Specialist


Image Image


Ambient Light - general illumination that surrounds a subject or space

Indirect & Soft Light - reduces contrast and shadows by using natural and artificial light

Task Light - light that will illuminate a smaller, more specific area

Accent Light - this type of light is used to add drama, focus or highlights to a space.
Example: This is the type of light you would see above artwork.