Pendleton Giveaway Survey

Survey Results


We asked, and you answered! 

Here are the results from our July Giveaway survey.

Last week we sent out a simple survey via social media to get input from our followers and industry partners on their current travel and hospitality preferences. We asked three questions relating to the current situation at hand with the global pandemic.

As a company that deals a lot with hotels, hospitality, and renovation projects, we were pleasantly surprised with the results. Our giveaway attracted several of you from all over the nation. Your answers are very much appreciated, and we are thrilled to know your thoughts on the matter.

Our first question dealt with current travel plans, while two and three were explicitly geared toward the hotel industry.

Question 1:

My travel plans are currently...

  • On hold

  • Conflicted (I want to travel but…)

  • Cautiously proceeding

  • In full swing (LET’S GO!)


The majority of the answers said that they were conflicted. People want to travel, but with everything going on, it’s hard to decide whether to travel or not, which leads us to the question of, where would you want to stay if you do decide to travel?

Question 2:

When traveling overnight, I am most likely to stay in...

  • A branded hotel

  • A boutique hotel

  • AIRBNB type

  • In my car


48% said they would rather stay in a branded hotel such as a Hilton, Best Western, or Marriot type of hotel. Interestingly, 29% said they would rather stay at an AIRBNB style property, while 18% chose boutique hotels.

Question 3:

When selecting a hotel to stay at, the thing that will mean the most to me will be...

  • Cleaning Procedures

  • New recently renovated

  • Location

  • Online customer reviews


Not surprising due to the current pandemic, but 31% of our survey takers said cleaning procedures meant more to them than anything in terms of staying in a hotel overnight. In comparison, New Recently Renovated hotels and Location tied at 26%. With these results being so close in the findings, it’s safe to say that the ultimate thing everyone is looking for in a hotel would be a branded hotel that is newly renovated and has their cleaning procedures nailed down.

Thank you again for participating in our survey. We love hearing from you and learning about everyone’s preferences during times like this. 

Congratulations again to our randomly selected winners!