Traveling in 2020

Travel & Cleaning Protocols | Hospitality 2020

As the world slowly begins to open back up, many are considering whether or not they will travel for the rest of this year.

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry has taken a considerable hit reaching a loss of billions of dollars. With everything starting to open back up, hotels especially are taking extra precautions and accounting for additional cleaning time with new protocols.

Some people are planning on staying put for now, but we’ve already seen an increase in traffic and out of state plates here in Montana. For those that are traveling, it will help with peace of mind that where they end up staying as a guest has adopted new cleaning protocols that protect the guests and the staff of these establishments.

Hotel Recovery 2020 released a recent newsletter that covers some of the costs of keeping up with cleaning standards in the hospitality industry. They share a link to Hotel Ave’s article explaining the new protocols and how much it could potentially cost the hotel industry.

From public spaces and social distancing to hand sanitizer in every room, this link covers it all.

Other Sources:

In a recent post on Travel Agent Central, travelers were asked a series of questions about where they would travel, how much they would spend, etc. The answers and collected data are pretty interesting. Some people are willing to pay more money as they’re tired of staying put and want to get out and explore. Others say they’d spend less, and then there is the group that does not see travel as an option in 2020.

NPR’s latest article regarding cleanliness and what the industry will start to see as the new best practices for clean peace of mind.